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Our Courses

If you love voiceovers and you want to be behind the mic... we can show you how to do it, make money and build a business.

You Can Do VoiceOvers!

Confidently start a promising career in voiceover in as little as 4 weeks! All without having to leave your home, break the bank, or quit your day job (yet) 😉

Learn everything you need to know to get set up and produce professional audio recordings, even on a budget. 


5-Week VO Mentorship 

For 5 straight weeks, you and 9 other voice-talents will be receiving;  top level support, guidance and information from Mike and Amanda's combined nearly 3 decades of experience building enduring successful 6-figure+ voiceover careers, as well as learning from 3 other Top-Level VO experts in the field of performance, auditioning, animation/cartoon and marketing and branding! 


Voiceover Success in 7 Steps

Dream of having your voice heard in media or entertainment? Want to know what it takes to create a lucrative income as a voice actor?

Fill out your details below to learn how you can build a sustainable voiceover career!