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Tara Travis

Tara is a Voice Artist-Actor-Writer-Puppeteer-Creative Human known for her prowess as a solo performer, her physical shape-shifting abilities and vocal acrobatics. 

As a voice actor, select credits include Five Seasons of the live horror satire comedy show Phantom Signal (now a podcast), numerous Wonkybot Productions Theatrical podcasts (including multiple characters on the award-winning Tara Tremendous) a solo Murder Mystery podcast (Monster Theatre: The Podcast Season One- Who Killed Gertrude Crump?) and multiple characters on the incredible new multi-platform children’s entertainment endeavor, Alpha Squad (in development with MPath Productions). She works out of her home vocal studio and has recorded bunches of explainer videos, radio commercials, performances for videogames (and so much more) and produced several audiobooks, most recently Tanya E Williams’ All That Was.

Recently, she’s been equal parts honoured and thrilled to host The VoiceOver School Spotlight series, interviewing TVOS grads about their rapid success, biggest lessons, hottest tips, and whatever else comes up! She deeply and humbly thanks Amanda Sellers and Mike Schurko for their undying support on her personal VO journey. 

She lives to create, and creates to live.

www.taratravis.com | www.phantomsignalradio.com | www.monstertheatre.com| www.vipuppetfest.com

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