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You Can Do VoiceOvers, is an immersive voiceover course that will walk you through everything you need to go from beginner-to-pro in a matter of weeks!

As a VoiceOver School Student, you'll have lifetime access to over 20 video lessons and an open invitation to be part of our interactive Facebook group to gain further insights as you begin your career as a voice actor. 

Module 1

Find Your Inner Performer

  • Discover the unique qualities of your natural voice and how to uncover its full potential
  • Find out what your voiceover money-maker for selling your voice in the plethora of voiceover genres available.
  • Hone your acting skills by learning to bring characters and scripts to life so you can deliver an honest and believable performance.
  • Get engaging scripts and performance exercises to practice and share in our student

Module 2

Home Studio Recording

  • Know what kind of equipment to invest in. We’ll help you achieve the best decibels for your dollars and get you started with a competitive sound quality right out of the gate.
  • Record like a professional studio. Mike shows you how to achieve a completely professional sound without breaking the bank and how to get the most out of your equipment.
  • How to record, edit and prepare your professional sound files. With this module, you will be fully ready to take on Module 3 where you can begin to put your work into the world as a bona fide voice actor! 

Module 3

Become an Auditioning Ninja

  • Get a full look at auditioning from home, including a full walkthrough of online casting auditions.
  • Learn what it takes to land an agent, how to negotiate your fees with clients.
  • Learn what makes a great demo and how to make sure yours stands out.
  • Learn how to deliver a deeper delivery through self-direction. You'll discover how to make confident and creative decisions in your voice acting.

Module 4

Becoming a VO Entrepreneur

  • Learn the business basics every voiceover actor needs to show up in the industry with confidence and authority.
  • How to continue your journey through the art of building relationships and networking
  • The pitfalls of working from home and how to avoid them while maintaining work-life balance
  • The tools we used to establish a high-level work ethic that catapulted our productivity and launched us into top earnings as voiceover artists.


Learn why our program is the best online voiceover program for aspiring voice talent who want to establish a professional voiceover career from home!

Take Your VO Career to the Next Level

Already have the basics down? Take your voiceover skills to the next level with exclusive mentorship and training from top industry pros!

"The Voiceover industry is not only extremely rewarding creatively, it has also blessed us with financial rewards earning us a multiple six figure career. I’m so grateful that I can give back and show others the steps we took to make this vision a reality!"

Amanda Sellers
Voiceover Actor, SOVAS nominee

"Such a great course with fully involved, responsive and supportive coaches, Amanda and Mike. I never felt I was bothering them with my questions and can honestly say that the proof is in the pudding with this course; I booked my first job a week after completing it."

Zoe U
TVOS Alumni

"This course was fundamental in helping me accomplish my goals in the world of Voice Over. The support provided by the team at The Voice Over School is amazing and made me feel comfortable in developing my skills and getting to work. The information in this course is vast and incredibly useful! There are unlimited opportunities to communicate with the instructors and ask any questions that come to mind. This course is an A+ and I am SO grateful that I signed up. Worth every penny is an understatement. This course is priceless."

Amber M
TVOS Alumni

"[The VoiceOver School team] have created a valuable resource for newbies in the VO world. Their clear and concise instruction, easy to navigate online platform, and constructive and positive feedback made for a well rounded course. It was especially helpful that I could do the course on my own time."

Jennifer G
TVOS Alumni

"Despite my inexperience in voice acting, and acting in general, [The VoiceOver School Team] were all able to make me feel welcomed, and help me bring my best when performing. I have absolutely no regrets joining this school."

Justin D
TVOS Alumni

"I can’t express the excitement I had doing the VO Course. Amanda and Mike are totally down to earth and honest and so helpful. Their willingness to share their ups and downs and passion and years of experience in Voice was wonderful... "I love their honesty and integrity towards their students and their love of Voice! You gave me the Inspiration I needed to plug away at my passion as well... A job extremely well done. Thank you for everything and this is not the last time you will hear my voice (teehee... ). Over and Out!"

Heather C
TVOS Alumni

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